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Time Fly has Eclipsed the Earth.

The heavens have spoken and the new Shave song Make Time Fly has eclipsed the Earth. First single from the new Shave album “High Alert” coming out in September. things i remember coming through from yesterday it’s real cause i tried to make it great! i know it’s the way that you make me feel i know it’s the way that you make time fly things you remember bringing back them yesterdays it’s real till you try to get it straight! i know it’s the way that you make me feel i know it’s the way that you make time fly when the annunaki came down from nibru to change this place giant’s pets were dinosaurs, aliens fucking the apes with the matrix enslaving our world to pan for silver and for gold product was created, people mistreated and sold but then the fight back came right back from the depths of the earth and then the ocean and the rain came down and the pain that’s round let loose on our emotion living in this life is like living in the nightmare of a hater or like being stuck in an elevator with a pissed off darth vader here’s a beat down, take a seat down an elite sounds gonna creep round in this town deep from long beach to seal beach hear the high rock we don’t compete everyday I’m in my mind i see what i want to see and do what i want to do reptilians walk the path they don’t know what the fuck, they don’t have no clue pleiadians and angels gonna come into our life and raise the vibrations every generation comes in smarter, living with less fear don’t fuck with my glasses everyday I’m in the game, I’m gonna live and try to deal you know the way i love my friends and my family and how i feel it’s all love from us to you hey Tone (Antoine) high alert, make time fly!! it’s a high alert, it’s a high alert i know it’s in the way that you make time fly Dave Shea – Guitars Dave Cornblum – Vocals Elder D – Bass Billy Blaze – Drums Recorded & Mixed at The Compound Studio by Antoine Arvizu Mastered by Matt Lynch