Shave – High Alert CD Autographed


Release date October 2017

Track list:

1) Make Time Fly
2) Compensation
3) Rancho Bernardo (I’m More)
4) Finally Get It (Joe Strummer)
5) Shot Down
6) Be Careful of My Glasses
7) Could I Be Wrong
8) Half Ape Half Alien
9) 55 Minute Louie Louie
10) All Hi-Hat Action
11) Alcohol
12) Crack Me Open


Pre order the new Shave CD High Alert Limited Edition Autographed by Shave

All pre-orders receive an instant download of the new single Make Time Fly.

This is the first song from our new album called High Alert! Produced by Antoine Arvizu and Dave Shea. Elder D handling the music direction, me Dave Cornblum throwing down words and music ideas and Deyo Glines with the art creation and direction to make this happen! Thanks on all the support as our High Alert journey begins!


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