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Phoney By Shave

From Elder D – “Phoney is the first music I wrote on piano that actually became a song. As usual, Dave Cornblaster came up with a great melody and words. He says it’s based on Holden Caulfield – the main character from Catcher in the Rye. Dave Shea adapted the[…]

New York LA

Written by Elder D . To me It’s about the jet set lifestyle of one day you’re in Los Angeles and then the next day you’re in New York and you’re just going back-and-forth – then it talks about about the music scene in each city – some people have[…]

One Idea – The Tiger on Drums & Fever on Bass

Featuring The Tiger on drums & Fever on bass. Ghetto style guitar overdubs in the Compound West straight to tape by Elder D and Heath Bennett. Bob Forrest inspired vocals by Dave Cornblum From the record Trans-universal Worldwide. We only have a handful left in stock. If you don’t have[…]

High Alert’s Promo Song “Finally Get It (Joe Strummer)

Here is the first song from Shave’s new album High Alert, coming to you on Headchange Records in the Spring! Listen and share with your friends! The new album will be Shave’s first since 2010’s Shave The Nation Part IV! This will be a full album rock and acoustic songs.[…]

The Pch Club

It was a great night at the PCH club Saturday February 18th as Shave played a great show with best friends Headchanger and 40 Rod! It was a locals celebrity night there. Thanks to Brett Bixby for the images! Shave, playing for the first time since November when they played[…]

Headchanger Crashing Spades

Headchanger, Lead by Shave’s Elder D is his solo project and has a new kick ass next level album called World Class Warfare! Get this album now! – Headchanger’s set was kick ass with Brother Amen and Billy Blaze backing up Elder D for a another great show! Like their[…]