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Shave High Alert Lyrics and Information

Shave High Alert Information and Lyrics ! Shave is: Dave Cornblum – Vocals Elder D – Bass, Piano & Additional Guitars Dave Shea – Guitars Produced by Shave & Antoine Arvizu Recorded at The Compound Studio Mixed by Antoine Arvizu & Dave Shea Executive Producer – Scott Perry (2, 4,[...]

Make Time Fly by Shave

New Video from Shave’s High Alert. Make Time Fly by Shave Make Time Fly is the First Single from the new Shave album High Alert! The video we directed by Elder D and shot by Brett Bixby with direction from Deyo Glines.

Shaves’ High Alert is on its way!

Shaves’ High Alert is on its way! Deyo Glines just turned in the artwork for the album and now it’s just 2 weeks away from the release with physical and digital download versions. This is just a little corner of the cover, just #edging until the full release!! Swag coming[…]

Time Fly has Eclipsed the Earth.

The heavens have spoken and the new Shave song Make Time Fly has eclipsed the Earth. First single from the new Shave album “High Alert” coming out in September. things i remember coming through from yesterday it’s real cause i tried to make it great! i know it’s the way[…]

Live at DiPiazzas Long Beach

From the soon to be released Shave album “High Alert” is Shave’s song I’m more (Rancho Bernardo) at Dipiazzas. This song was written by Corn when he got exiled to the Inland Empire. Corn found that where-ever he went, he was still Corn and soon to be the Blaster. For[…]

Phoney By Shave

From Elder D – “Phoney is the first music I wrote on piano that actually became a song. As usual, Dave Cornblaster came up with a great melody and words. He says it’s based on Holden Caulfield – the main character from Catcher in the Rye. Dave Shea adapted the[…]

New York LA

Written by Elder D . To me It’s about the jet set lifestyle of one day you’re in Los Angeles and then the next day you’re in New York and you’re just going back-and-forth – then it talks about about the music scene in each city – some people have[…]